May 14, 2019 3 min read

Looking for places to visit in Utah this summer? Maybe bring a little joy to your friends or family.

We've listed quite a few popular places to visit in Salt Lake City this summer. All of these businesses call the Salt Lake Valley home!Here are five random acts of kindness to brighten someone’s day while you visit and make the summer months a little more enjoyable!

Send Flowers from a Local Flower Shop

There are very few gestures that express genuine compassion, love, and surprise like a blooming flower arrangement from a flower shop near you! No matter the person you’ve chosen to receive this gift, they will find themselves happier and brighter with the blushing colors of a fresh flower arrangement delivered directly to their door! Dazio Floral offers same-day delivery on any arrangement in our shop for only $9.95. Choose from our wide array of flowers, plants, and gifts for a classic or modern bouquet that anyone is guaranteed to love!

Floral Arrangment In A Vase

Start a Pay-It-Forward Initiative at Your Local Coffee Shop!

You might have heard of people making efforts to “pay it forward,” performing good deeds unconditionally or in the hopes that this act brings them good karma or benefit the person receiving. You may have seen this article on CNN or ABC News that customers at Starbucks have broken a record well over 1000 acts of “pay it forward”. If you’ve never heard of this happening, just last year Mark Ruffalo challenged other celebrities to use the Hashtag #PayItForwardChallenge to spread kindness throughout the world! Here’s how to do it.

When you go to the drive-thru of Rawbee Coffee to order your favorite energy beverage, tell the barista to include the order of the car behind you. As something done in a semi-anonymous way, you will have to do this out of the goodness of your heart. The person behind you will get their coffee for free and you’ll get the feeling of joy and happiness for the rest of the day! You will have brightened their day and showed them that kindness is free (sorta).

Considering they were likely stuck in traffic or forced to slam on their brakes when someone refused to merge properly on I-15 during rush hour this morning, they’ll probably need it. Perhaps they will feel inspired and will keep the chain of kindness going by purchasing coffee for the next person, and so on, creating a ripple effect of selflessness and joy!

Hot Local Coffee

Send a Letter to Someone Who Least Expects It

If you’ve been to City Creek Centerin Downtown Salt Lake, you’ve likely walked through the mall and passed Papyrus on your way to see the dancing fountains. If you know of someone who is going through a tough time, a small act of support can mean the world. Writing them a short note or letter that makes them feel loved and supported no matter where in the world they may be!

Letter to a friend

Surprise the Office with Donuts

Nothing cheers up co-workers dealing with the Monday morning blues like a big box of fried dough covered or filled with a delicious sweet substance. Show up to work with a few dozen donuts of assorted flavors from the donut shop down the street from your office. Not only will your coworkers appreciate the gesture, but they will effectively make you the talk of the office for the remainder of the day.

Leave a Great Tip

Anyone who has ever worked in the service industry understands the impact a good (or bad) tip can have on the rest of your day and your pocketbook. Many servers live on below minimum wage, relying on tips to maintain their lives.

The next time you receive exceptional service at Pirate-O’sFat Fish Sushi BarBeans and Brew, or Aveda, leave behind an excellent tip to show the server or servicer your appreciation, generosity and reward them for a hard day’s work. Even if you normally tip 20 percent or above on your bills, add in an extra few dollars to express your kindness.

Counting Money 

No matter what you choose to do this summer, these five acts of kindness are good for any time of year!